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My current favorite books......

Updated: May 3

IKIGAI - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life have been long on my wish list for a while now, when i got it last summer I immediately started reading it before bed until I come across ''Happy travels'! in PROLOGUE. I then made it my mission to read it on my next flight.

Polish Your Poise with MADAME CHIC- A New York times bestselling author would be my first purchase, then THE QUEEN OF PARIS- A novel of COCO CHANEL, followed by MISS BURMA by Charmaine Craig. The list is not stopping any time soon.

As soon as I was airborne, I immediately took off my IKIGAI to get the secrets of the Japanese that I have been longing for a very long time, by the time the flight landed I was half way through the book and I just got some of the best wisdom ever.

I will finish the rest of my IKIGAI on the beach during my holiday but overall this is one of my best purchase ever just like the others and I can't wait to finish my IKIGAI.

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