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Updated: Aug 28

Photographer: Chima Luke Okafor

Fashion show: Silk fashion show

Location: Millennium & Copthorne Stamford Bridge

A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour/personality, thats fashion. In the world of fashion, fashion models have been dominating the industry since the early centuries, this are slim, tall, over 5'9 inch, below 32b cup, certain face structure, beautiful girls and the list goes on. In today's world this haven't changed much with personalities and look toping the list, however as the world changes so does fashion, with new fashion careers discovered over time.

There are rules for a typical fashion model, example keeping yourself well groomed, eating healthy and keeping your shape and out of troubles, fashion models put in so much work and one has to have the passion, hardworking and very much driven. However In today's fashion world even those without the look but have the passion and the drive can easily get into it and here are some of the fashion career's one can take on:

  1. Fashion Model

  2. Sales Associate

  3. Stylist

  4. Fashion Designer

  5. Public relation Specialist

  6. Merchandiser

  7. Inventory Planner

  8. Account Manager

  9. Graphic Designer

  10. Textile Designer

  11. Creative Director

  12. Product Developer

  13. Quality Assurance Manager

  14. Technical Designer

  15. Retail Buyer

  16. Inventory Planner

  17. Digital Editorial

  18. Editor-In- Chief

The list is endless but this are just a few, they all seems easy but the reality is one has to have the natural talent, the passion and willing to put in the work and the consistency to make it. Do you plan or have feelings and drive to get in the fashion industry? Let me know in the comment below

Until then,,,, its cheers my posh babes................. see you soon



Photographer: Glor Berry

Location: London College of Fashion

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