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Essential Clear and Clean skin

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Your skin is so clean, your skin is so perfect, what do you use? this are quiet some of the questions I get on a daily bases, so I thought of giving some of my secrets of keeping my skin clear and clean throughout all the seasons.

  1. Identify your skin type

  2. Identify the results you want to achieve

  3. Find the products that works good for your skin ( the price doesn't matter) might take time before you find a good product for your skin

  4. Always read the product ingredients, I recommend natural based products which are environment friendly

  5. A Cleanser, Serum and sunscreen is a must

  6. Avoid being in the sun too much especially when its unnecessary

  7. Your environment weather and clothes matter, have a look on that too.

I hope this help my babes and hope to see you soon.




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